We are pleased to inform you that the inauguration of the Yonhoo Belgium store on Wednesday, March 1, has been a complete success. We take this opportunity to thank all the participants of that beautiful day. Among the participants were senior members of the Yonhoo Group Board of Directors such as Daniel Wu and Alex Pan as well as the President of this new store, Minqiang Wu among others. The event was full of gifts, surprises and good times. We leave you some photos of this special day.


As we already said in the previous post of this Blog with this store, Yonhoo Group already has 9 stores throughout Europe. 5 of them in Spain where their headquarters are located (Getafe, Madrid) and 4 in other European countries such as Italy, Poland, Portugal and now Belgium. Yonhoo Group intends to continue growing and expanding both in European territory and international territory.

Mapa tiendas Yonhoo Europa