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Since 2005, YONHOO Group has been marketing commercial equipment products (shelves, mannequins, displays, hooks, coat racks, supermarket baskets/carts, consumables…) being a benchmark in the sector. We are specialists in retail shelves, being one of the largest distributors nationally and internationally. We offer services such as screwless assembly (in the case of shelves), guaranteed 48-hour shipping and a large stock of products with our own warehouse that differentiate us from our competition. In addition to commercial equipment, YONHOO Group sells a wide variety of products and services ranging from hospitality machinery, small appliances, security and air conditioning equipment to logistics and food services, among others. Our motto is:
Everything you need for your business We have it! We facilitate your ideal business



Hedeco is the brand within the YONHOO Group dedicated to hospitality machinery. We sell all types of products aimed at equipping any hospitality business. Some of the products we sell are meat slicers, industrial fryers, automatic juicers, refrigerated tables, display cases, refrigeration cabinets, chests… among many others. Contact us to consult our extensive catalog.

We have been present in Spain since 2005 and have become one of the largest importers in the hospitality sector, offering quality products at very reasonable prices.



Estanterania is the brand belonging to the YONHOO Group dedicated mainly to small appliances for companies or individuals. Some of the products we sell are rice cookers, electric pots and pans, portable gas stoves, portable induction hobs, mosquito killer lamps, vertical steam irons, bill counters/detectors, bag sealers/sealers, access controls, plastic/paper containers for the storage and preservation of food… among other products.

We offer quality products at very competitive prices with the aim of facilitating your ideal business. Contact us to consult our catalog.



At Avitom we are experts in comprehensive security, control and comfort solutions for homes and companies. The latest technology in video surveillance, access control and home automation systems at your fingertips.


Yonhoo plus

Yonhoo+ is the Yonhoo Group’s commercial platform that was born with a mission: to facilitate your ideal business. Join and take the step towards digital transformation by selling online and giving visibility to your physical store.



Tosgo is the air conditioning brand within the small appliance area belonging to the Yonhoo Group.

Our catalog includes small horizontal and vertical heaters, wall heaters, mica radiators and oil radiators. These types of products present a quick, simple and, above all, economical solution to the problems of adverse weather.

CHIGO Europe


Chigo is a modern manufacturer of professional and also domestic air conditioning.

We are one of the largest air conditioning manufacturers worldwide, meeting the highest standards of quality and efficiency. More than two decades of technological innovation have led to widespread acceptance of Chigo products around the world, which are now distributed in more than 200 countries.



SAMANCA is a selection of Iberian products from the best Iberian pork production areas in Spain.

We believe that a quality meat product is a source of healthy life. Therefore, we search, explore and visit the ideal areas and the best Iberian pig breeders in Spain to obtain a 100% original and excellent product. We want more consumers to enjoy healthy, high-quality Iberian products.



9-CASH is a supermarket chain belonging to the Yonhoo Group.

We are a young brand in the wholesale sector of beverages and food products mainly. We offer a wide variety of products at the best price according to the needs of each client, in addition to having many offers and promotions that will result in greater savings for consumers. We have good quality products at very affordable prices.



EAZYSHOP is the brand belonging to the YONHOO Group that is dedicated to the marketing of smart cash registers where Hardware and Software are perfectly integrated so that the purchasing process is fast, easy and intuitive.

We have a clear technological vocation, which is why we are developing new technologies with Artificial Intelligence that will forever change the way consumers buy. Take and Operate Shop Easy.



The ECOECHE association is established as a Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP) to manage and coordinate the collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

We help producers, importers and distributors of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) to comply with their obligations established in Royal Decree 110/2015 on electronic waste.


Nature Royal

Nature Royal is the brand belonging to the YONHOO Group dedicated to international logistics specialized in food products.

Nature Royal also helps to establish or settle new brands throughout Europe. We make all our business and logistics experience available to carry out this type of services.



Yonhoo Gloves is the brand belonging to the Yonhoo Group dedicated to the marketing of disposable gloves (nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves). All of these gloves serve to avoid direct contact with objects, liquids or people. In this way we form a protective barrier against any possible transmission of the virus. All our gloves comply with all regulations and quality standards.

We have everything you need for your business!

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We have the necessary logistic resources to be able to deliver your order within 48 hours


We have our own warehouse with a large stock of products to meet the needs of your business or company.

assembly without screws

Some products like the shelves of commerce have a assembly without screws that make it faster and easier for the users.


We have a clearly industrial orientation. All our products are designed to meet business needs.