Visión Grupo Yonhoo

Company’s vision

We want to be a respected company and for that reason we seek:

  • Earn the respect from our users and customers by listening and satisfying them and, if possible, exceeding their needs and expectations.
  • Earn the respect of our employees by continuously improving our corporate reputation so that Yonhoo Group becomes a company in which workers feel proud to work.
  • Earn the respect of the society in which we live contributing to the development of the community.
Misión Grupo Yonhoo


Improve the quality of human life through our services and products:

  • Treat our commercial activity as if it were a fundamental service that is reliable and makes life easier and more pleasant for people.
  • Address the diverse needs of different regions and consumers by offering differentiated products and services.
  • Build a healthy corporate environment, in which everyone wins, based on open collaboration with our partners.
Filosofía Grupo Yonhoo


Invest in the development of our employees:

  • Provide them a healthy work environment with attractive incentives.
  • Allow our employees to enjoy professional and personal growth in a prosperous and pleasant work atmosphere.
  • Train and encourage our employees to achieve work success based on a relationship of trust and respect.
Visión Grupo Yonhoo


The needs of users and customers are our first priority. Therefore, our values are:

  • Integrity
  • Proactivity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
Medio ambiente Grupo Yonhoo


Our environmental performance aims to control the correct performance of:

  • Management of waste generated in our activity such as WEEE, toner and batteries
  • Consumption of natural resources: paper, water, fossil fuels and energy

To this end, good practices have been drafted to be followed by all employees and thus ensure that we have environmental awareness in our work. In addition, IMS objectives have been established to minimize resource consumption and reduce emissions. We are in the data collection phase to be able to compare each year and see the improvement in environmental performance that we intend.

Yonhoo Europe is a company committed to the environment, which has implemented an environmental management system. In its commitment to protect the environment and prevent pollution, the environmental management system is periodically reviewed and evaluated, reporting environmental indicators each year with the aim of identifying actions to be taken to minimize the negative impact of our activity on the environment around us. surrounds and setting objectives for the improvement of its environmental performance. The result of the indicators is the following:

  • Water consumption has increased by 79% compared to 2023 in absolute values ​​and 86.1% in values ​​relative to the number of workers.
  • Vehicle diesel consumption has been reduced by 29% compared to 2023 in absolute values ​​and by 23% in values ​​relative to the number of vehicles.
  • Electricity consumption has been reduced by 61% in 2023 in absolute values ​​and 60% in values ​​relative to the number of working people.
  • Paper consumption has remained the same in both years.
  • Toner consumption has been reduced by 11% in 2023 in absolute values ​​and 5% in values ​​relative to the number of workers.
  • The non-hazardous waste generated in 2023 was paper and cardboard, plastics, WEEE and toner.